What Kind of Gas Does a Chevy Equinox Take? (All Generations)

What Kind of Gas Does a Chevy Equinox Take

The Chevy (Chevrolet) equinox is a mid-sized SUV with a stunning look. The interiors and exteriors are a perfect view and most time, at a glance, you could see the swiftness in its movement.

Having a Chevy Equinox, most especially the 2022 equinox is a pride. There’s just one problem! The gas… A lot of question is asked to know what kind of gas a Chevy equinox takes.

There are four generations of a Chevy equinox and they all have different gas requirements, the Chevy first generation (2004-2009) requires a minimum of 87 octanes or higher. The second generation (2009-2017) with a few more modifications gives you some choice between 87 octanes value gas or higher and it also allows ethanol (Flex -fuel). The third generation (2017-2020) and fourth generation allow 87 octanes with an exemption to 2.0L turbo.

What Is Chevy Equinox Gas Tank Size?

Every model of Chevy Equinox has a 14.9-gallon fuel tank for every standard front-wheel drive setup.

Car owners are always keen on finding out the gas tank size of the car they are buying; this could be for diverse reasons, maybe to know the cost to fuel a full tank, monitoring the fuel consumption, monitoring speed per time per consumption, or to be economical about driving and fueling.

For whatever reason you choose to know the gas tank size of your Chevy Equinox, it’s on you and it’s good that you want to know.

The Chevy Equinox has four different generation models from the year 2004 till date and as time passes, they made modifications to each model, whatever model you’re currently using has a tank size of 14.9 gallons.

How Fast Can You Go With The 2022 Chevy Equinox On A Full Tank Gas?

Chevrolet has always created fast cars, and this is no different from others with fast wheels. With the Chevy equinox, there is a driving range of over 415 miles for both the front-wheel drive system and the all-wheeled drive systems because both have the same gas mileage across the board.

Whenever you need to speed up, the 2022 Chevy equinox is up and ready with a perfect MPG.

Does Chevy Equinox Require Premium Gas?

A Chevy equinox can function with or without a premium gas depending on what model you’re using; some function better with a regular gas with 87 octane rating while others recommended 93 octanes with specifications to the third generation (2017-2020) 2.0L turbo engine and the 4th generation (2020- till date) 2.0L turbo.

Having the right gas in the right engine is very important to avoid “Knock”. Knocking is a situation where premium fuel (high octane rate 91 octanes or more) is used in a low compression engine or a regular gas (87 octanes) is used in a high compression engine. This process prevents your vehicle from performing better.

In the worst case, it destroys your engine and most times will require a replacement, if you’re in luck, a repair with a lower cost can be done.

Every Chevy equinox has its fuel recommendations, if you’re between the 3rd and 4th generation release with a 2.0L turbo engine, your engine will probably need premium gas.

What Kind of Gas Does a Chevy Equinox Take

The type of gas to use in your Chevy equinox has been brief earlier but for a better understanding of each generation’s fuel requirement, read on.

First Generation Chevy Equinox Gas Requirement

The first generation was 2004-2009 in which the first model was only available for sale in 2015. It has options ready-made for both front and all-wheeled drive systems.

The first generation release has two engine types (3.4L V6 and 3.6L V6), both use the same gas, the regular gas with an octane of 87 or higher.

If you have a Chevy equinox from this generation, you can confidently use regular gas.

Second Generation Chevy Equinox Gas Requirement

The second generation is a little more advanced than the first generation. It is also designed to handle a flex fuel (a dual fuel that can run on more than just fuel. It’s a blend between gasoline and ethanol or methanol).

The second generation release has two engine types (2.4L Gas + Ethanol and 3.0L V6), both use the same gas, the regular gas with an octane of 87 or higher.

The 2.4L allows flex fuel. If you have a Chevy equinox from this generation, you can confidently use regular gas.

Third and Fourth Generation Chevy Equinox Gas Requirement

Amongst others, the third generation (2017-2020) and fourth generation (2020 till date) have diesel engines among the engine type, precisely to the 3rd generation.

The third generation has five engine types option the 1.5L Turbo, 2.4L, 2.0L, 1.5L Turbo diesel, and 3.6L inline-6, each having varieties for Regular 87 octane, premium, gas, ultra-low sulfur diesel.

It’s important you know the exact engine type but all still function with an 87 octane.  Every 3rd and 4th generation model will work perfectly with 87 octane gasoline with an exemption to the 2.0L turbo which works best with a premium gas of about 93 octane value.

There is a serious danger when you use the wrong gas in your Chevy equinox and likewise any other car. Using the recommended gas has its own advantages, they are.

1. It Prevents Your Chevy Equinox From Experiencing “Knocking”

The Chevy equinox is one of the cars with a list of gas recommendations for different generation models which is to tell you how vulnerable your Chevy equinox can be when it takes in the wrong gas.

Knocking will happen to your engine when you add regular gas to an engine expected to take in premium gas.

The knocking happens because the car is forced to either perform lesser than its ability or more than its ability. And, when your Chevy equinox is overstretched, it breaks off and eventually experiences a knock which is quite expensive.

2. You Have The Best Experience When Driving

When you use the recommended gas for your Chevy equinox, you experience the exact feel the manufacturers created it to give to users.

The exact gas puts the engine in a good mood and when the engine is in great condition, you can speed up as much as you want without having any sought issues.

Premium gas can be a little pricey more than getting regular gas, if your car requires premium gas; don’t settle for regular so you can enjoy the benefits that come with driving with a good engine.

How To Increase MPG On A Chevy Equinox?

Every car owner wants a better fuel economy, and the rich and the average class do likewise. Being able to travel a longer distance and experience a little consumption is a good fit for anyone with no exemption to a Chevy equinox.

Improving the mpg of a Chevy equinox is much different from every other car; here are a few tips to assist you.

Check Your Air Pressure

Having your tires with the required pressure will add to the improvement of your gas mileage. To know what pressure your tire needs to be at its best, check your driver’s side door, you should see a sticker and if you can’t see one, it should be stated in your manual.

Keep Too Much Weight Away From Your Car Trunk

Too much load in your car trunk is able to cause a reduction in gas mileage by at least 1-2%. Try to avoid it.

Use The Proper Oil

You know what works best for your Chevy equinox; don’t use oil that is lesser in quality. A good oil will improve gas mileage by 2%

Be Less Aggressive

I know it can be tempting to press down with speed but when you do that, you reduce your gas mileage by 33%. Try to avoid aggressive driving as much as you can


A Chevy Equinox is a nice ride. Before you get over yourself in excitement, be sure to get oriented on the type of gas to drive with. It’s important to help you have a joyful user experience.