What Kind of Gas Does a Nissan Altima Take?

What Kind of Gas Does a Nissan Altima Take

Different cars have different specifications or recommendations. The type of kit, tool, oil, gas, or even servicing required for Car A is often completely different from the type recommended for Car B. This is because different cars perform differently, and have different types of functions.

It is going to be detrimental to the health of a car if the wrong gas, oil, or kits is used for a car, which is why it is very important to know the kind of accessories, or fluids that befits the type of car you are using. So, what kind of gas does a Nissan Altima Take?

The best kind of gas recommended for Nissan Altima is the regular grade 87 octane fuel. The Nissan Altima does not need any form of premium gasoline, neither is such gasoline recommended for optimum performance of your Nissan vehicle.

Does Nissan Altima Take Premium Fuel?

No, Nissan Altima does not take premium fuel. Premium fuel is not required nor needed in a Nissan Altima that uses a 2.5L engine for it to perform better, or for it to perform at its optimum capacity. Using the regular grade 87 octane fuel is the best recommendation for the Nissan Altima.

There is absolutely nothing that premium fuel provides in the Nissan Altima that the regular grade 87 octane does not provide, however, this borders on which type of engine the Nissan Altima car is using.

A Nissan Altima that uses a 3.5L engine will need premium fuel if it wants to operate at the maximum efficiency possible.

This is because the 3.5L engine is stronger and commands a wider reach and has a higher horsepower. Premium fuel will enable this type of engine to achieve its full potential.

However, for a Nissan Altima that uses a 2.5L engine, premium fuel is not needed in such a car, for whatever reason.

This is because the 2.5L engine doesn’t require more properties from the fuel to function at its full potential. A regular grade 87 octane fuel will fit this type of engine perfectly.

What Kind of Gas Does a Nissan Altima Take?

The regular grade 87 octane fuel is the best recommendation for the Nissan Altima vehicle.

This is because the early generation Nissan Altima engines are most compatible with the unleaded regular grade 87 octane fuel and does not need any additives, or any other higher grade fuel to reach its peak performance.

Most of these engines are below 3.5L, and they do not require premium fuel, nor should premium fuel be recommended.

The regular octane fuel does the job perfectly, and will not reduce the performance in any way as it meets the engine’s requirements perfectly.

For higher-end engines, however, you can use premium fuels such as the 90, 91, 92, or 93 fuel to power them. You can use premium fuel to power the 3.5L engine.

Even at that, it is not very necessary, as the 87 octane fuel will do just fine, even though it might not get your high-end engine to its highest performance.

What Happens if You Use Premium Gas on Nissan Altima?

Nothing harmful will happen to your Nissan Altima if you use premium gas or fuel with a higher octane than required. It would simply perform as a normal, regular fuel since it doesn’t require higher octane.

When premium gas is used on cars generally, it increases the horsepower of the car, if and only if the manual of the car recommends its use. If your car manual doesn’t state that using premium gas will increase horsepower, then using it is just a waste.

There is no risk of damage whatsoever if you use premium gas on Nissan Altima that doesn’t require it.

What is the Gas Tank Size of a Nissan Altima?

The gas tank size of a Nissan Altima varies with the year of manufacture. Over the years, the size of a Nissan Altima fuel tank has ranged between a capacity of sixteen point two (16.2) gallons and approximately twenty (20) gallons.

The gas tank size of the Nissan Altima 2021, 2020, and 2019 can hold approximately sixteen point two (16.2) gallons of fuel, that of 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 can hold approximately eighteen (18) gallons of fuel, while the Nissan Altima cars manufactured from 2012 downwards can contain approximately twenty (20) gallons of gas.

It depends on the year of production, but the gas tank of a Nissan Altima can contain between 16.2 and 20 gallons of fuel.

How Many Miles Can You Drive with a Full Tank on a Nissan Altima?

When you have a full tank of gas on a Nissan Altima, you can travel as far as six-hundred-and-thirty (630) miles if you are driving on a highway all the while.

However, if you are driving in a city, navigating turns and bends, reversing and switching lanes and positions, even then, you can still manage to drive as far as four-hundred-and-fifty-five (455) miles.

Of course, this also depends on the type of engine you have. You don’t expect to drive as far as 630 miles or 455 miles if you don’t have a proper, standard engine. A worn-out engine won’t carry you far, even if you have an overflowing fuel tank.

As a result of this, you must ensure that the engine of your Nissan Altima is always at its peak, and it will serve you with its peak performance.


In essence, you do not need a premium gas for your Nissan Altima vehicle, if you are running on a regular engine. The kind of gas needed is the regular grade 87 octane fuel that will do the right amount of work in a regular engine.

If you have to use premium gas because your engine is a higher grade engine, such as a 3.5L engine, ensure that the manual of your car permits you to use premium gas for higher horsepower. If not, opt for the regular grade 87 octane fuel.