What to Do When a Car Dealer Lied to You? (Explained)

What to Do When a Car Dealer Lied to You

You just found out that a car dealer lied to you. It’s absurd, right? I’m sure a part of you still lingers around the reality, trying to hope it isn’t true.

Car dealers are sometimes manipulators. They are able to box a stone and make it seem like a carriage with a priceless jewel in it. Most times it’s not presented as a lie, but a sales trick to keep you longing for their offer.

Whatever experience it is you might have with car dealers. I understand you’re probably worried or anxious with disturbing thoughts about what you think you can do. What to do when a car dealer lied to you?

If a car dealer lied to you, contact an auto fraud attorney and seek legal advice. You can also sue can the dealership but you must ensure that you have enough evidence to back up your claims.

Why Do Car Dealers Lie?

This is a big question that will need a few punches to break down its fragments to see the reality behind the veil.

Humanly speaking, car dealers lie, most especially the ones with the fastened tongues of a sales agent. They are cunny and likewise smart with their approach.

If you’ve been with them often, you can read their traits like the letters of a legible author. There are many reasons why car dealers lie. Here are a few you could consider.

To Make The Sale

This is outrightly wrong, but they do it all the same. The desire of every car dealer is to make a sale. They didn’t start the business to parade around with a title of a dealer and yet there are no sales coming in.

They need money just like you and I need money. Car dealers lie to make sales and most times they are super good at it that you might not find out early enough that you bought your favorite black shining Chevy equinox with a lie sets as the foundation.

Knowing the fact that they lie to make sales won’t save you, a further understanding of how they do it is a good way to burn down those opportunities. You will find out shortly how they tell the lies to make sales.

To Keep the Value of the Vehicle About to be Sold

Don’t mind them if they list out the good things that make the car appear the best thing you might ever have, you should press further to be sure there are no other stones left unturned.

Car dealers also lie to maintain the value of the vehicle by keeping away from you some defects that the car might have.

Sometimes months would have rolled over before you find out a dark truth in your vehicle and it might be so hard to trace back the error to them anymore.

More reason you need to know how these car dealers lie to be free from them. You’ll find out shortly the common lies you should be aware of.

Common Lies from Car Dealers You Should Be Aware Of?

Now that we know very well that car dealers lie a lot, don’t you feel it’s time to get familiar with their tricks and common lies to be able to protect yourself from falling prey to whenever they throw a lie at us?

Here are the common lies from car dealers:

1. Buy Extra Items Like The GAP Or The Vehicle Service Contract

This is optional which means you can choose not to. It doesn’t prevent your registration process; neither will it cause you to be in the bad books of the government. If you don’t want to, please don’t.

2. They Can Tell You A Car Is New When It’s A Used Car

This is yours to pay closer attention to. Take a test drive; you could also have your personal mechanic take a test drive as he might have more understanding in detecting the difference between a new car and a used one aside from the outward appearance.

3. They Might Want To Pressure You Into A Higher Payment Plan

This, to me, is the highest of it all. I feel it’s a trick that deserves some punishment. It’s a common practice called “yo-yo- financing” in which a dealership sells a car to you with your preferred payment plan and after a month or some few weeks, you get a call from them that your credit application is not valued at the financial institution and that you will need to upgrade your payment plan.

If this is you, see your attorney as soon as you can. They are the best fit to clear up your worries.

4. They Can Also Add To Your Monthly Payments

If you find out you are told to pay anything outside the agreed price, get your attorney. The dealer is probably trying to feed on your income with a well-polished lie.

Aside from these common lies from car dealers, there are more which may not be real to you at the beginning until you have paid and then you find out you’re stuck with more payment.

A lying car dealer shouldn’t be pitied, keep reading to find out what you can possibly do if you have been lied to by a car dealer.

Can I Sue A Car Dealer For Lying?

Yes, you can sue your car dealer if you have evidence to your claims. Car dealers can be tricky with their approach and you possibly may not be able to read their intentions clearly so it is important you get your facts right before suing them.

You can sue a lying car dealer for forgery and fraud. It could be that a dealer hid the truth from you or a dealer misrepresented a product to you.

Whichever one it’s, if you can prove your claims with past and present records intact, you can sue your car dealer for fraud and as well win the case against them.

What to Do When a Car Dealer Lied to You?

Being a victim of lies from a car dealer can be disturbing and it may heighten your anger, most especially if the information was withheld on purpose. What then can be done if your car dealer lied to you?

The only means to get justice is to have legal hands step into the case and to do this will require you are smart with your approach to the situation.

A dealer that lied once will likely lie again and again and this time it might not be you they lied to, it could be a friend, a family friend, or a total stranger, it is important they are legally dealt with.

The following are practical steps you can follow;

Be Sure Of Your Claims

The first thing is to be sure if your claims are right. If they are not, you might be in trouble for causing trouble. Once you are sure of your claims, you proceed to seek evidence.

Just the words of your mouth against them will correct nothing, you need proof so get one if you can. To be sure of your claims, all you need to do is to establish the following.

  • A false representation was made by the dealer with proof of the previous and the new representation.
  • The dealer is aware of his false representation but held back the truth
  • A form of inducement to act was made by the dealer
  • You incurred damages as a result of a false representation.

Most times it is also important you let your attorney know everything that went wrong so you can be properly guided.

Every state has its rules for attending to cases like this and your legal adviser is the best to put you through the laws that bind your state.

If you do win the case, you possibly will be settled for damages, or a better car is given to you or a refund. It all depends on how the case played out and the level of evidence at hand.


Car dealers do lie, and they will do it again and again. If you find yourself stuck with a misrepresentation, you can sue the dealer, but be sure you have your facts right and you take advice from your legal adviser.