What Type of Gas Does a Chevy Silverado Take?

What Type of Gas Does a Chevy Silverado Take

When talking about a light-duty and rugged truck, the Chevy Silverado is most times the go-to option for people because of the name it has acquired for itself. It is a product of Chevrolet, hence where the name “Chevy” sprang from.

A truck with so much capacity and uses as the Chevy Silverado must be running on the good stuff because of its engine quality and makeup, the Chevy Silverado cannot use just any gas like other vehicles. So, what type of gas does a Chevy Silverado take?

Depending on the engine type of the Chevy Silverado, it is recommended to take minimum octane 87 rating of unleaded gas or gasoline with an octane rating not lesser than 87 to prevent the engine from knocking. However, a Silverado with a 6.2L V8 engine because of its high compression ratio as a recommendation to take an octane 93 rating.

The Chevy Silverado is a very versatile truck with a pretty strong engine and uses ranging from delivery of heavy and lightweight objects, truck towing, camping, for worksites, it can serve as a family car with a capacity of sitting at least 6 people, etc.

Does Chevy Silverado Require Premium Gas?

No, a Chevy Silverado does not require premium gas but it can run with it. For better understanding, premium gas is gasoline with an octane level not lesser than 91 i.e. it has a higher ability to withstand compression. The common premium gas is the octane 91 and the octane 93.

Using a premium gas or not is dependent on the model and engine type of the Silverado. For some models of the Chevy Silverado, using any gas with an octane lesser than 91 will cause detonation and damage to the engine parts.

The premium gas doesn’t come cheap, so if the truck doesn’t necessarily require the use of gas with higher octane, truck drivers avoid it in order to save cost.

What Type of Gas Does a Chevy Silverado Take?

A Chevy Silverado takes gas with as low as 87 octanes unleaded gas, anything lesser than that is not acceptable.

Different gas octane rating is required for a different model and engine type of the Silverado. Some can take as high as octane 91 unleaded gas some even up to octane 93.

A Chevy Silverado that takes octane 91 and 93 is said to be taking premium gas, while one that takes 87 octane uses regular gas.

Either of the two i.e. (the octane 87 and octane 91) can be used in a Chevy Silverado but it doesn’t really make much difference only increases the fuel efficiency.

To know what type of gas is best suited for your model of Chevy Silverado check your car manual or ask the car dealer. Using regular gas when premium gas is required will only cause damage to your engine in the long run.

What Gas Does a 2020 Chevy Silverado Take?

Unlike other models of the Silverado, the 2020 Chevy Silverado takes the octane 87 unleaded gas. With the way the Silverado engine is designed, it can run with any fuel octane as long as it’s not lower than octane 87.

Using the premium gas just because you can be a wise decision on your part if you are trying to save cost.

Pros of Using Premium Gas in your Silverado

Using premium gas in your Silverado is sometimes considered the best option depending on the engine makeup and its many benefits. Let’s see some benefits of using premium gas.

1. The Risk of Having the Engine Knocked is Reduced

For Silverado’s that are designed to run on premium gas and are using it, it keeps the engine from knocking.

2. They Last Longer

Octane 93 gas is more likely to last longer because of the more refined process it has gone through plus it has stable hydrocarbons. Premium gas can stay fresh without use and lasts twice as long as the regular gas, they can also be in use for as long as 9 months.

3. It Gives You More Mileage

Because of the higher octane in premium gas, you get to cover more miles per gallon used. The money spent on getting premium fuel is usually recovered in a way with the lesser gas used per distance.

4. Engine High Performance

When you use octane 91 or 93 for a truck that requires it, you are enabling it to perform at its best, even in cases where trucks that don’t require premium gas use it, it increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle

How Big is a Chevy Silverado Gas Tank?

Generally, the tank of a Chevy Silverado is big enough to take a minimum of 24 gallons and a maximum of 36 gallons. The size of the gas tank largely depends on the model of the Chevy Silverado you are going for.

The capacity of the gas tank is usually determined by the quantity of fuel the truck needs to work. In some cases, truck drivers don’t know when the gas tank has reached its limit when filling up.

Knowing when to stop is quite easy, when the gas tank is filled and can’t take anymore the pump stops on its own.


If you need a vehicle that is rugged, one that can take in almost anything, then the Chevy Silverado should be considered. If strong was a vehicle it will be Chevy Silverado.

It is important to note that premium gas and unleaded gas works just fine for a Chevy Silverado. It is actually good if you switch from regular to premium gas once in a while as it is said to increase the vehicle life.

Check with the car dealer, and read your owner’s manual to know the model of the Chevy Silverado that will be best suited for whatever you have in mind as each model has its specific capabilities.

A Silverado that can tow a truck is quite different from the one that can be used as a family car. Just as the capabilities are different so also the engines are different.

Do not for whatever reason put a regular octane in a car that should take premium gas, doing this will only cost you more in repairs, and you end up spending twice or more of the money you were trying to save. The damage that will be done isn’t worth the money saved.