Who to Call When Car Battery Dies? (Explained)

Who to Call When Car Battery Dies

Ever been stranded due to a dead car battery? Trust me, we’ve all been there. It happens at the worst times.

A dead car battery is not the end of the world though. There are things you can do and steps you can take to remedy the situation such as calling for help. However, the question is, who to call when car battery dies?

When your car battery dies, you can call a car mechanic, an automobile repair service, or a roadside car service to help out. You can also call a family friend, colleague, or anyone you know to help jumpstart the car for you.

Can You Call Someone When Car Battery Dies?

Yes, you can call someone when your car battery dies. However, many people wonder why their car batteries die. Your car battery can die for many reasons. There are some common causes of flat car batteries though, they include:

  • Idling the car for an excessive amount of time
  • Leaving the headlights, taillights, inner lights, radio, and other electrical components of the car on when the car is not on.
  • The battery of your car can die when you ignore your car for a long time (i.e., when you do not start your car in a long time)
  • Putting on the air conditioner when the car is not in motion can drain the battery of your car.
  • Extreme low temperatures can cause your car battery to die. When the temperature affects your car battery, it freezes and it drains out all the energy in it
  • Failure to maintain your car battery. To prevent this, you need to take proper care of your car battery by cleaning the terminals of the battery very clean.
  • The faulty voltage regulator in the alternator. As you know, the alternator charges the car battery when the engine is switched on. If the voltage regulator is bad, it can drain your car battery to run flat. This also applies to the diode bridge in the alternator.

Those are some of the reasons car batteries die. Now, when your car battery dies, who do you call? Read on to know more.

Who to Call When Car Battery Dies?

In the event of a dead car battery, you should reach out to the nearest trusted towing company in the vicinity. They will help you tow your car to a place where the battery can be charged or where your car can be jump-started.

You can also reach out to roadside companies. They should be able to help jump-start your car.

If there is no one around to assist you in towing your car, you can call your auto-mechanic to come to your location.

What If No One is Around to Call, What Should You Do?

Car batteries always die at the wrong times. Well, it is not like there is a convenient time for a car battery to die though.

Sometimes you come out of your office building to the parking lot and into your car, only to discover that the battery of your car is dead when you try starting it. What do you do in such scenarios?

The very first thing you need to do is to look around. Look around for someone willing to help you with their car battery to give your car a jump start.

You will need some jumper cables to jump-start your car. You need to learn how to jump-start a car. For the sake of people who do not know how to jump-start a car, we will consider that in detail in this article.

To jumpstart your car, you need to make use of a set of jumper cables. One should be red and the other should be black. You need to make sure that the terminals are connected properly.

Note that the red cable should be connected to the positive terminal and the black cable should be connected to the negative terminal.

Before connecting anything, ensure that every device you need is turned off properly. The car should be switched off as well. Ensure that there is no flammable device or equipment close by to reduce the risk of accidents.

The first step is to locate the battery in the car. Many times, the battery is under the hood. When you’ve done that, bring both cars close enough so you can connect the jumper cables to both batteries of the cars.

While doing this, make sure that the cars do not touch each other to prevent current from flowing between both vehicles.

Now, identify the positive and negative terminals of both car batteries. Connect the positive end of the jumper cable to the positive terminals of both car batteries.

Remember that the positive end of the cable is colored red and the negative end of the jumper cable is colored black.

Connect the negative end of the jumper cable (black in color) to the negative terminal of the working battery. The other negative end of the jumper cable should be placed on any metal in the car with the dead battery. You should not connect the clamp to the negative terminal of the battery that’s dead.

This is done to reduce the risk of an explosion during the process. It serves as a ground for the jumping process.

After you have connected the cables, turn on the car that has the working battery. The dead battery will start being charged automatically.

It might take a while for the car that had a dead battery to come on after charging but some batteries will come on immediately. Leave the cars to run for a while to allow adequate current flow from the dead battery.

Switch on the car with a dead battery to see if it has charged adequately. If it has, the engine will run without turning off itself. It shows that you’ve successfully jumpstarted your car.

Now you can disconnect the jumper cables. Do not attach the cables anywhere else until you have fully disconnected them.

Pros of Calling Someone when Car Battery Dies

There are many reasons you should call for assistance when your car battery dies. A few of them are discussed here:

To help Tow Your Car

A good reason you should call someone when your car battery dies is to get help towing your car. Your car will be towed to a suitable location where the battery can be worked on appropriately.

To Help Jumpstart Your Car

Whenever you get stuck with a dead car battery, the first thing that should come to your mind is to jumpstart your car. Jumpstarting provides your car battery with sufficient energy to be started and moved.

To Carry Out a Professional Job

When you call someone (a mechanic or a nearby car repair service) when your car battery dies, the person will be able to professionally analyze and proffer a solution to the battery problem.


Whenever you encounter a dead car battery, be sure to call someone who can help out with the battery. If you find someone around who is kind enough to lend you their battery to jumpstart yours, that will be nice. Follow the steps listed above to jumpstart your car.