Why are BMW Oil Changes so Expensive? (Explained)

Why are BMW Oil Changes so Expensive

BMWs are not the everyday kind of brand. They are a luxury brand and are known for their ostentation. When you want to purchase a car, and you opt for a BMW, you know it is because of its prestige.

We are sure you get the fact that it is luxurious, and the car itself is quite expensive, but the question in your mind now must be; why are BMW oil changes so expensive?

The reason why a BMW oil change is expensive is because of what it is, a luxury vehicle, and every single thing about the car comes at a premium. BMWs also don’t use the regular oil used for regular vehicles.

They have factory-recommended oils for the oil change, and this type of oil is not something you can get anywhere. This is another reason why changing the oil of a BMW is expensive.

Are BMW Oil Changes Expensive?

Yes, they are. They are not regular vehicles, they do not demand regular treatment, and so, everything about the BMW, up to its oil change, up to its gasoline needs is expensive.

BMW vehicles are luxury vehicles that require luxurious attention, and when you are changing a BMW’s oil, you tend to spend more than you would spend when you are changing the oil of a regular vehicle.

Also, not every repair garage is authorized to fix or change the engine oil of BMW cars. There are specified, recommended garages that can perform the maintenance of these vehicles.

Therefore, for all the above reasons, BMW oil changes are expensive. At least, you spend more money than you would when changing cars that aren’t considered luxurious cars.

Why are BMW Oil Changes So Expensive?

BMW oil changes are so expensive because they are premium vehicles that use premium gasoline and require premium engine oil. You do not put regular oil that costs the regular amount in a premium vehicle like BMW.

Also, BMW cars generally exhaust more gasoline than regular vehicles. This means that they expend more engine oil as well, and the oil that they use isn’t even the usual oil. They are the factory-recommended oil.

It’s not just with BMW cars, but with premium vehicles and other goods, generally. You cannot buy expensive gold jewelry and expect that you won’t spend a lot of money when you are cleaning it.

The same thing that applies to luxury items is what applies to BMW vehicles. Oil changes in BMWs are expensive because BMWs are expensive vehicles themselves, and everything about them required something special, and not regular.

Truth be told, the BMW is worth having. The engine on it is not just premium, but it is also top-notch.

There is a different feeling you get driving a BMW car then you get from driving a regular, everyday vehicle, so you can honestly say that the expensive oil change is worth it.

How Much Does it Cost to Change Oil in a BMW?

As we already know, it is expensive to change the oil in a BMW, but how expensive is it? You might have just purchased a BMW, and you are wondering how much you would spend to change the oil, compared to other vehicles.

You will be spending as much as four hundred dollars ($400) to change the oil of a BMW. This amount varies, though. It usually changes depending on the dealer who is helping you.

You need to also understand that not every dealer can help with this venture. There are always approved dealers or repair garages for a BMW.

You should have this in your mind, so you don’t fall victim to a cheap repair shop that would end up destroying the engine of your vehicle.

If you want to change the oil in a regular vehicle, the highest you would spend is about eighty dollars ($80), but with a BMW, you can be spending towards $300 to $400, depending on the dealer.

That is at least a whopping $220. This is the reason why oil changes in BMW vehicles are considered to be very expensive.

Do BMW Need Special Oil Change?

Yes, they do. BMW cars work with a specially recommended engine oil, and using regular engine oil will deteriorate the function of the engine.

Not only will the function be depleted, but it is also not safe to use regular oil in a BMW vehicle. This is because you cannot use regular oil for a vehicle that uses premium gasoline.

The factory-approved engine oil to use for a BMW is the BMW 5W-30 synthetic motor oil, and the brand that is recommended by the BMW factory is Pennzoil motor oil

You can also read the manual of your BMW to get more instructions on the type of engine oil to use.

Just have it at the back of your mind that BMW vehicles don’t use regular oil. They use synthetic oil, as this boosts the performance of the BMW engine.

How Often Should You Change Oil in a BMW?

At least, every ten thousand (10,000) to fifteen thousand (15,000) miles. It is recommended that if you have driven your BMW for at least 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

If you check your BMW car manual, the factory recommends that you change it every 15,000 miles, but that is the barest minimum.

Once you have driven your BMW up to 10,000 miles, you should know that the oil inside the car is due for a change, and start preparing to change it.

Whatever you do, you must not let your engine exceed 15,000 miles on the same engine oil. It is very risky and can cause serious damage to your BMW vehicle. You don’t want that.

For this reason, when you have driven your car for 10,000 miles, prepare to change it, and do so before it hits 15,000 miles. If you can, even, change it earlier.

What Happens if You Don’t Change Oil in a BMW?

There are several dangers that you subject your BMW vehicle to if you don’t change the oil in it, or if you don’t use the proper, recommended oil. Here are a few:

1. Engine Function Deteriorates

The performance of the engine starts to slow down and deteriorate. You would notice that your BMW isn’t sounding as it should, and or that it isn’t accelerating as it should.

This is because the engine oil in your vehicle is due for a change, and if you don’t change it, the performance of your BMW will keep deteriorating until the engine stops completely. This confirms that low oil reduces engine power.

2. The Engine Will Get Damaged

The longer you leave your BMW without changing to oil, the more you stand the risk of your car getting damaged. You should change the oil at the recommended time, to avoid a damaged engine.

3. Breakage of Moving Parts

When there’s no change of oil at the appropriate time, the oil in the engine will lose its ability to properly lubricate moving parts, and these parts will begin to experience wear and tear, as they are not being lubricated properly.

4. Oil Starvation

Your engine, most especially the parts that need engine oil will become starved of oil, and then your engine will not run as it should.

Is it Worth Getting an Oil Change at BMW?

Yes, getting an oil change at a BMW dealer is the best, as it is not only easier than getting it at a regular repair shop, it is always safer, and usually cheaper too.

Another advantage BMW dealers have is that you can schedule an appointment online to have your oil changed, or get any other specific repair. Also, it is safer because it is the recommended place to get your BMW oil changed.

If anything happens to your vehicle while they are changing your oil, you have assurance from BMW.

Final Thoughts

BMWs are luxury vehicles, so it is expected that changing their oil is more expensive than the usual, regular car. Ensure to always have the oil changed at the recommended time, to keep your vehicle running at peak performance.