Why Are Maserati Oil Changes so Expensive? (Answered)

Why Are Maserati Oil Changes so Expensive

The oil of your vehicle determines the performance of the vehicle. When the oil in your car is not up to standard, the functions of the engine and its driving experience dwindle, and the same is true for a Maserati.

Just like any other car, Maserati cars require oil changes from time to time, especially when the oil has stayed and worked in the car for so long. However, unlike any other car, again, Maserati oil changes are usually quite expensive. Why? Why are Maserati oil changes so expensive?

The oil change of Maserati cars is usually more expensive than the regular vehicles because Maseratis are luxury brands, and they require luxury, premium oil. You cannot use regular oil for a Maserati car. What you need is a synthetic, special, recommended oil, and obviously, this type of oil is more expensive than regular oil.

Are Maserati Oil Changes Expensive?

Yes, Maserati oil changes are expensive, but of course, you should expect that. Maserati vehicles are not regular, everyday vehicles that are considered moderate cars.

Maseratis are luxury, premium brands that require luxury, and premium care, and with luxury comes a lot more expensive. You must surely have heard the saying, the better a thing is, the more expensive it is.

Maserati cars fall in that category, and deservedly so. They have very quality engines, they are very balanced vehicles with ultimately exciting and safe driving experience.

Simply put, Maserati cars are excellent, and when you seek this type of excellence, you expect to spend a lot of money.

This is why oil changes in Maseratis are expensive, and not just oil changes, but every other maintenance or repair required in the vehicle.

Why are Maserati Oil Changes So Expensive?

Maserati oil changes are so expensive because they are a premium brand. They have premium engines running in the vehicle, and these premium engines require premium gasoline that must run with special, premium oil known as synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil is more expensive than regular, conventional oil, so when you are changing synthetic oil, you should expect that you would spend more money than when you are changing conventional, everyday oil.

Another reason why Maserati oil changes are so expensive is that they have recommended dealerships where you must go to change your oil or perform any repairs on the vehicle.

You cannot have your oil changed just anywhere. If you are thinking of doing that to cut costs, it is risky for your vehicle, and you might get the warranty on it messed up.

Sadly, having your oil changed at recommended garages, you will be spending a lot on service charges, making the oil change a lot more expensive.

That’s not all. There’s another reason why your Maserati oil change can be more expensive than others, and this has to do with your Maserati model.

Yes, the type of Maserati model you have can affect the price of the oil change. Depending on the type of model you have, you have to choose a type of synthetic oil, and its cost varies.

You thought it would end there, but no. The oil tank capacity of your Maserati vehicle also influences the amount of money you’d be spending to change the oil of your car.

Again, the oil tank varies with the different years and models of Maseratis. The tank is usually between 7.5 quarts and 9.5 quarts in size.

Oil filters of Maserati vehicles are also more expensive than the regular, everyday vehicle, so this can also sway the expense upward.

To emphasize, here are the reasons why oil changes in Maserati cars are so expensive:

  • Maserati is a luxury brand.
  • It has recommended dealers that cause the service charge of repairs and maintenance to spike upward.
  • Oil filters are more expensive than the average vehicle.
  • Oil tank sizes also differ according to model and year.
  • The type of oil required is different and more expensive than other vehicles.

How Much Does it Cost to Change Oil in a Maserati?

Where you’d have been spending forty dollars ($40) to eighty dollars ($80) changing the oil of a regular vehicle, to change the oil in a Maserati, you should budget at least two hundred dollars ($200) and at most four hundred and fifty dollars ($450).

That is more than four times the amount you would spend changing the oil of a conventional vehicle. This is why changing the oil of a Maserati is considered very expensive.

The oil filters are expensive, the synthetic oil required is expensive, also the service charges, also known as expertise costs from the dealers are more expensive than the usual oils used for conventional vehicles.

Does Maserati Need Special Oil Change?

Yes, Maserati needs a special oil change called synthetic oil. Since they do not use the regular engine but are premium engines using premium gasoline, they need a special oil change.

You do not put regular oil in premium vehicles, as it will slow down the performance and make you enjoy the driving experience a lot less.

The synthetic oil Maserati uses are full synthetic oil. This type of oil will boost the performance of your Maserati engine.

How Often Do You Need to Change Oil in a Maserati?

You need to change the oil in a Maserati at least every ten thousand miles (10,000). This usually covers a period of one year.

This means that for your Maserati’s performance to remain at its peak, you should always replace your oil at least once every year.

It is also important that you are using the appropriate oil with the appropriate Maserati model vehicle because this will tell a lot about the performance of your vehicle.

What Happens if You Don’t Change the Oil in a Maserati?

Changing the oil in a Maserati at the recommended time, which is at least once a year is very important for the functioning and driving experience of your vehicle.

Several things can happen if you do not change the oil in a Maserati. Some of them include:

Increase in Wear and Tear of Moving Parts

If oil isn’t changed when it should be, the lubrication effect of the oil upon the moving parts of the engine, such as the crankshaft and other moving parts will reduce, and this will cause friction, leading to wear, tear, and breakages of parts that will in turn cause leakages and damages.

Sludges Accumulate and Turn into a Gel

The oil remaining in the vehicle when you don’t change it when you ought to will not be enough to clear out the sludges created by a working engine, and if these sludges are not cleaned out, they accumulate and start causing hindrances in the engine.

Acidic Effect

When you change your oil as when due, you can reduce the acidic effect caused by the fuels used. This is one of the functions of engine oil.

If you don’t change the oil, there will be nothing to neutralize this effect, and it will lead to serious damage to your vehicle.

Damaged Engine

Not changing the oil can also damage your engine, after all, is said and done. You start to feel signs that your engine is slowing down until it finally stops.

Final Words

Maserati vehicles are luxury brands. They need luxury oil, this is why changing the oil in a Maserati is more expensive than changing the oil in the usual, conventional vehicles.

Always ensure that you use the right version and type of synthetic oil, change the oil at the required times, and the factory-recommended, Maserati-certified dealerships to guarantee the safety of your engine.