Why are Mini Cooper Oil Changes so Expensive?

Why are Mini Cooper Oil Changes so Expensive

Mini coopers have proven their dependability over the years. In fact, they are a lot more dependable than other subcompact cars, and they are always preferable to their counterparts.

This is mostly because the Mini Cooper is a luxury brand, as it costs a lot higher than the average subcompact vehicle.

Is this the reason why Mini Cooper oil changes are so expensive? When you compare a Mini Cooper oil change or even an average repair to that of other subcompact vehicles, they are a lot more expensive. Why is that?

Mini Cooper oil changes are expensive because of the premium gasoline needed by the Mini Cooper vehicles. Also, being a premium brand, owned by BMW, almost everything about it is more expensive than the average subcompact car, even the service charges. This is what your get with having luxury.

Are Mini Cooper Oil Changes Expensive?

Yes, they are. Compared to other brands of subcompact cars, changing the oil of a MINI Cooper is quite expensive.

You will be bleeding your pocket more when you are changing the oil, or making any other general repairs to a Mini Cooper than you would if you were conducting the same repairs on another subcompact vehicle.

There are quite a number of reasons why this is the reality, but the major reason is that the Mini Cooper is a luxury brand, owned by BMW, and you know that all BMW products cost more than the average vehicle.

Why are Mini Cooper Oil Changes so Expensive?

Mini Cooper oil changes are so expensive because they are a luxury brand, owned by BMW, and as a result, they require premium gasoline, and not the usual, everyday gasoline.

When your vehicle uses premium gasoline, it is expected that it needs a premium or special oil to function, not the oil used for normal gasoline.

As is the way of BMWs, it isn’t just the oil change of a Mini Cooper that is expensive. General repairs and maintenance are also expensive.

Asides from that, the mechanic performing the oil change and repairs will also charge more than he would if he was repairing a normal subcompact vehicle that is not a Mini Cooper.

Simply put, there are a few reasons why changing the oil of a Mini Cooper is expensive, and the reasons include;

  • They require premium gasoline
  • They are a luxury brand owned by BMW, and
  • All parts of the vehicle are more expensive than usual.

How Much Does it Cost to Change Oil in a Mini Cooper?

Although the cost of a change of oil in a Mini Cooper may be different, depending on the mechanic making the change, or the type of repair insurance package that you have, on average, it costs between one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) and two hundred dollars ($200) to change the oil of a Mini Cooper, and this does not include the service charge.

The service charge, that is, the amount the mechanic will charge for work done separately averages between seventy-five ($75) and one hundred ($100) dollars, making the whole process of changing the oil in a Mini Cooper cost about two hundred and twenty-five ($225) to three hundred ($300) dollars.

Do Mini Coopers Need Special Oil Change?

Yes, Mini Coopers need special oil, also known as premium oil, for the change of oil. This is because the Mini Cooper uses premium gasoline, and using an ordinary, normal oil will not provide the appropriate lubricant the premium gasoline needs to function appropriately.

Another word for special oil often used is synthetic oil, and the Mini Cooper needs synthetic oil to go with the premium gasoline.

Usually, it is recommended that the best type of oil to be used in a Mini Cooper is the synthetic SAE OW-30 BMW Genuine Oil. Any other type of oil can adversely affect the functioning of the engine of the Mini Cooper.

How Often Should You Change Oil in a Mini Cooper?

It is recommended that oil should be changed in a Mini Cooper after it has run for four thousand (4000) to six thousand (6000) miles.

When the oil in a Mini Cooper exceeds 6,000 miles, naturally, it dwindles in its effect and reduces the performance of the Mini Cooper’s engine.

For this reason, it is important to always change the oil, at the very best, every 4,000 miles, and at the very worst, every 6,000 miles.

Usually, this means once every nine months, or once a year. It keeps your vehicle safe and gives it better performance.

What Happens if You Don’t Change Oil in a Mini Cooper?

Naturally, if you do not oil an engine when you should, the performance of the engine deteriorates, and then continues to worsen the longer you leave it unchanged.

The same is true for a Mini Cooper. If you do not change the oil in a Mini Cooper, it stops functioning at its peak, and then you risk damaging its engine, the longer you wait.

When you don’t change the oil in your Mini Cooper when you are supposed to, you might have to pay double, or even triple for repairs the damages have caused by the time you are ready, so you should never put off changing the oil in a Mini Cooper.

In clear terms, here are things that might happen if you don’t change the oil:

  • Performance dwindles
  • Safety is not guaranteed
  • You risk damaging the engine
  • You spend more money on repairs.

Final Thoughts

The Mini Cooper brand is a luxury brand, belonging to BMW. It uses premium gasoline, so it is expected that changing the oil of the vehicle will be more expensive than when you’re changing other subcompact vehicles.

Do note that, irrespective of how expensive it is, you must always change it at the required time, usually after driving 4,000 to 6,000 miles. Failure to change it might cause damage to your engine.