Why Does My Car Shakes When I Hit 60 mph? (Explained)

Why Does My Car Shakes When I Hit 60 mph

Having your car shake while driving can be less cheerful, most especially when the trip is all having your family in it.

Regardless of the speed, be it high or low on a highway your car should move smoothly without shaking. But when the car has been owned and used for quite some time, vibration can set because for many reasons.

The scary part isn’t the shaking, the scary part is having your car feel like it will tear apart on a lonely road. As a man in the car or a lady on a lonely road with no one to call, issues like this pop out fear in our hearts.

So the question is, why does my car shakes when I hit 60 mph?

The reason why your car shakes anytime you hit 60 mph could be because of your tire that is not balanced, it could be your engine misfire or clogged engine, it could also be the wheels or shock absorber, or your brake.

Park your car somewhere while you look at anything possible; you check the tires from the front to the rear and sometimes you are confused about why the car is shaking.

Why Does My Car Shake When I Hit 60 MPH?

Your car shakes at 60 mph because:

1. Your Tire Isn’t in a Pleasant State

Without a doubt, when we have our car shake suddenly while we drive at 60 mph, the first thing we check is the tire. It is common for everyone.

When having a tire issue, it is possible you don’t notice your car is shaking when you travel at a low speed, but intensifying to about 50-60MPH is likely to speed up the vibration that then makes it noticeable.

A flat spot in your tire is a known issue as to why car shakes. Having your tire rebalanced can likely solve the problem of your car shaking; permitting the damage is within the tire and doesn’t extend to other parts of the car.

Aside from having your tire deflated, your car can shake because of uneven tire wear. Wearing and tearing such as dry rot in tires are also common in using car tires. It can wear out well on one side more than the other.

If after checking you realize the problem isn’t because of a deflating tire, it is reasonable to read the threads to be sure if they are even in wearing, and if they are not, rotate the tire to have even worn in your tires.

A tire problem can also be one of the reasons why your steering wheels shake while you drive.

2. It Could Be Your Engine

A tire problem can be solved easily and quickly unlike when the problem is from the soul of the car. An engine causes vibrations when they are limited in terms of oxygen, water, and fuel supply.

To prevent this from happening, a daily routine check is needed. If any is found below the advisable gauge, it is important you refill to prevent having to deal with engine issues later on.

3. It Could Be the Wheels

This could be because of damaged wheel bearing, even with the fact that wheel bearings are the longest functioning part of a vehicle that in itself doesn’t give it a pass mark over others. It might be a wheel problem because of many reasons.

Also, check your shock absorber as well, it could also be the reason why your car shakes when you hit 60 mph.

4. It Could be the Break

Irregular maintenance can cause rusting. A rusted brake is likely to pay you back for not maintaining it well. One of the visible signs that your brake is about to be a problem is when there is shuddering or a shaking vehicle.

At high speed, your car shakes when the brake clipper is of no good use because of rust. Proper monitoring of your brake can tell you when it needs to be fixed or not.

My Car Shakes When I hit 60mph: How to Fix it

A few of the reasons your car might shake have been listed above, but how do you get it fixed if you are hanged in this type of situation?

Driving when your car shakes isn’t safe. It is more like jumping into a pool without a swimming trunk, knowing fully well that you can’t swim. Driving your car knowing fully that it isn’t advisable is a dangerous move.

The solution to your problem starts with an awareness of what the problem is, is it a deflating tire? a wheel problem? an engine problem etc. Knowing fully well what the problem is can assist with what type of fixing it requires.

Every problem except a deflating tire will require you to call the attention of a mechanic or a car repairer to check and fix or replace any broken part.

As for a deflating tire or uneven wear in tires, you can easily have them replaced with a new tire if you have an extra in your car or simply buy one around and get it fixed.

Well, we advise you to take the car to any car repair shop close to you so they can run a diagnosis on the car to know what the problem is.

Scanning the car is the best means of knowing exactly what the problem is. It is better than guessing what the problem is.

Effect of Car Shaking While at 60mph

Having your car shake at 60mph can cause a lot of feelings for you and a few more damages to the car if you don’t take caution.

The following are a few effects of the car shaking on you and the car:

It is Dangerous, it means Park

A few will love to risk driving until they hear a blast behind their car before they stop to take caution.

Driving on a highway at 60mph isn’t too wrong, but when your car shakes in various directions like it will fall apart, ensure you stop for a while to check things out.

Probably you are the only one in the car; you might not be too scared like having your family sitting with you.

Putting aside the fear of accident is likely you cause more damages to the car and in place of spending little to fix the errors; you spend more than needed.

However, while parking to check what is wrong with your car, ensure you park in a public place, to avoid getting robbed.

It is Less Comfortable for You and the Car

Don’t you believe it is discomforting to the car when you subdue it to shake under 60mph, rather than fixing the problem?

Aside from you being uncomfortable dancing along with the shaking vehicle, it is also unappealing to the car if it has to disappoint you by breaking down permanently, which will require you to delay your time, your effort, your money, and your peace.

It is advisable to attend to a shaking car problem by doing what you can or having a car repairer handle the problem for you.


It’s not about lamenting that my car shakes when I hit 60 mph, you can bet with me that aside from fear and the fact that people might stare at you while we dance along with the vibrating car, it is possible a few of us may deem it fit to risk driving even with the vibration so to get to our destination.

Well, it isn’t advisable, we risk a cause of accident or explosion. It might be the wheels or the tire or the engine or the brakes. You never can tell what went wrong until you check for yourself by stepping out of the car to do a quick survey.