Why Doesn’t BMW Have Remote Start? (Explained)

Why Doesn't BMW Have Remote Start

A  remote start is a device installed in a vehicle that, with the push of a button, allows you to start your vehicle from a distance.

It is a radio-controlled device, installed in a vehicle by the factory to start, preheat or cool the vehicle before the owner gets into it.

A basic system will allow you to switch the vehicle off and on, but a more advanced system will let you include additional convenience and car security features.

However, considering how nice remote start features are in cars, why doesn’t BMW have remote start?

BMW doesn’t have a remote start in their vehicles because of some laws which apply to the German and European markets, which prevent the remote start from being included. However, BMW started adding remote start features to their vehicles in 2019.

Do All BMWs Have Remote Start?

Not all BMW vehicles have remote start available on them from the factory. Only newer models have the remote start system added to them.

The other older models include some that are not compatible with the remote start software making the remote start feature unlikely to be added, and the compatible ones are upgraded to the add-on feature.

The remote start feature has limitations and is not available in some countries.

Why Doesn’t BMW Have Remote Start

The reason why older BMW doesn’t have a remote start is because of some laws made that are applicable to German and European markets, these laws were what prevented BMW from adding a remote start to their car up until 2019.

However, even though most BMW vehicles from 2019 had remote start out of the box, it is an extra feature you have to pay for.

Which BMW Models Have Remote Start?

There are quite a lot of BMW models that have remote start added to them. Since this addition started in 2019, it has become a standard feature on a lot of models. Some of these models are:

  • G16 BMW M8 (2019)
  • G29 BMW  Z Series (2019)
  • G05 BMW X5 (2019)
  • G06 BMW X6 (2019)
  • G20 BMW 3 Series (2019)
  • G22 BMW 4 Series (2020)
  • G30 BMW 5 Series (2019)
  • G32 BMW 6 Series (2019)
  • G11 BMW 7 Series (2019)
  • G15 BMW 8 Series (2019)

When Did BMW Start Adding Remote Starts to Their Cars?

It was in 2019 that BMW started offering remote engine start as an extra factory option in their premium packages officially. It became available as a function on demand.

Years before 2019, there were suggestions to add the remote start to the vehicles, provided the vehicle was automatic and had a pairing corresponding remote.

Is Remote Start Standard in BMW?

Remote start has been a standard feature since 2019 when remote start became available on the BMW vehicles.

It is a standard feature on the newer models of the vehicle, taking the whole idea of cars being a luxury to a whole new level. It is a BMW paid option that can be activated when purchasing or activated later as an upgrade.

The remote start is a superb automotive development that is affordable and can be easily installed aftermarket which occurs after the vehicle has been purchased.

Can I Add a Remote Start to my BMW?

A remote start can be added to your BMW vehicle if it is a 2019 model or newer. Most of the pre-2019 models did not come with remote start added on to them from the factory and it is not possible to add the new technology to the cars that are not compatible.

BMW released a series of new services and updates for the vehicles. The remote start feature in the BMW can now be purchased.

Furthermore, you can sync your vehicle with your smartphone. This is made possible by the installation of a remote start with a cell phone integration. You easily unlock a whole lot of additional features and control the vehicle with your touchscreen.

Does Adding a Remote Start Void BMW Warranty?

No, adding a remote start to your BMW vehicle does not void the warranty. If the remote start system is installed or added properly. It will not void the vehicle’s warranty.

A company cannot void your warranty because you added an aftermarket feature, as long as it was installed or added correctly and properly.

Adding a remote start only helps improve your vehicle features and performance. As long as the feature has been installed carefully and properly by an expert, it does not make your warranty void.

Pros of Adding Remote Start to Your BMW.

The greatest merit of adding a remote starter to your BMW is the comfort and convenience it offers. Below are some of the many advantages of adding a remote start to your BMW:

1. Added and Improved Vehicle Security

Adding a remote start system with integrated security to your BMW will increase the safety of the car and make you in turn, have peace of mind.

2. You Can Locate Your Vehicle Easily

In a crowded or large parking lot, you wouldn’t have to search the whole parking lot for your vehicle. With the help of the remote starter, you can easily locate the vehicle.

4. Turning On the Air Conditioning Unit

We know how hot the vehicle gets on hot days. To avoid the suffocating and inconvenient heat from the car when you climb in, the remote start helps turn on the air conditioner to cool the vehicle before finally climbing on board.

Just as it works for cooling the vehicle, you get to start your day in a warm car on a cold morning. You increase the temperature of your car with the remote start by turning on the car heater.

5. It Enables You to Monitor Your Car’s Movements

You can pinpoint your vehicle’s location at all times when you add remote start with GPS tracking to your BMW. This is even more helpful if you ever lend anyone your car.

6. Improves the Vehicle’s Luxury

It improved the vehicle’s luxury through the synchronization of the car with your smartphone. Installing the remote start with the cell phone integration unlocks additional features including the phone’s touchscreen control.

7. It Improves the Quality of Life

It speaks of positivity for each day and every time. It brings so much ease and aids car temperature control on days when the weather conditions are unfavorable.


Owning a luxury vehicle like BMW will make you want to have all the perks and goodness that come along with it. Your owned vehicle will continually make an impression wherever driven.

If you’re a quick adapter of new and innovative technology especially when it comes to cars, then you would most definitely enjoy the addition of the remote start gadget to your vehicle.

But the remote start system feature has been implemented in the newer BMW models and can be accessed, however, It is an additional feature you will have to pay for.