Will 35 Tires Fit on Stock F250? (Yes or No)

Will 35 Tires Fit on Stock F250

Your tires are the only thing between you, your vehicle, and the dirt so it is important that you invest in a good one suitable for your vehicle model and the purpose of the vehicle (if it will be driven off-road or on-road).

35 tires are often times recommended for off-roading because they are designed to move on rough terrains and have good ground clearance. 35s are used on vehicles such as the Jeep Wrangler and some other SUVs. Therefore, will 35 tires fit on stock F250?

A 35 tire will fit on a stock F250 provided you don’t plan on off-roading with it. Stock means the tire doesn’t have a lift which can make ground clearance difficult when off-roading. Therefore, if you wish to use 35 tires on a stock F250, you will have to add an additional 2-inches lift.

What are 35 Tires?

35 tires are tires best suitable for rough terrains and off-roading and are mostly used on some brands of SUVs because of their big size. They are built for pebbles and rough terrains and are always the choice for those that love the outdoors.

35 tires have a minimum lift which makes it easy to fit under the car, they also give lots of performance without negatively impacting the vehicle.

Depending on the type of vehicle you have, the 35 tires you will use may need to be modified in order to fit. In measurement, the 35 tires are not necessarily 35 inches high when measured, often times they are lesser but not by a long shot.

Will 35 Tires Fit on Stock F250?

35 tires will fit on a stock F250 but may have poor performance if driven on rough terrains. The model of the F250 you have determines if you can use a 35 tire or not.

Using a 35 tire on stock F250 may be ideal if you just want the added height for your vehicle but not for off-roading. Off-roading with a stock F250 having 35 tires is not advisable for many reasons.

Pros of Using 35 Tires

35 tires are known for their suitability for rough terrains and off-roading but there are other advantages of using the 35 tires that should be taken into account.

Added Ground Clearance

Due to the size of the 35 tire you are able to clear more ground, push over big terrains, etc. 35 tires are specifically designed for rough terrains, therefore, can go over stones, and pebbles with ease so far as your vehicle has enough torque.

They Look Cool

35 tires as so much aesthetics. They give your vehicle a luxurious look and add to its beauty irrespective of the brand.

Great Traction

Because of the width of the 35 tires, they have more grip on the road and other surfaces which results in higher co-efficient friction, giving it better traction.

Improved Performance

Using a 35 tire on your vehicle gives you the advantage of improved performance. However, having improved performance with a 35 tire is provided all other parts of the engine are working effectively. The benefit of improved performance increases the bigger the tire.

What is the Biggest Tire You Can Put on Stock F250?

Determining the tire size for an F250 will depend on the type of terrain you plan on driving on, rougher terrain will require that you get a tire designed for such.

However, generally speaking, the biggest tire an F250 can use is 34.6 inches. The size can be approximately said to be a 35 inches tire in some cases.

Often times when measuring a 35 tire you may not get the actual 35 inches but something close depending on the brand.

Although an F250 can use a 35 inches tires if you want a bigger and more accurate fit. Using 34.5 inches or 35 inches tire on an F250 allows it to run very well without any rubbing issues.

Will the 2017 F250 Wheels Fit on the 2004 F250?

The 2017 F250 wheels will fit on the 2004 F250. Both models have the 8×170 pattern and hub-centric ring size, they may however look tucked because the wheels may be running different offsets. In this case, a spacer will be needed to make the 2017 wheels look right on the 2004 wheels.

The 2017 F250 wheels have 18 offsets for both the front and back wheels while the 2004 F250 wheels have a 40mm offset. Because of the different wheel offset, there may be a little misalignment but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a spacer.

Do You Need a Lift for 35-inch Tires?

Yes, a lift is needed for a 35-inch tire. 35-inch tires are considered to be big and tall in size, therefore, you will need a lift in order to fit the 35s tire.

The lift to be used will be determined by the model of the jeep, its offset values, and backspacing, although a 2-inch lift may suffice if you are on a budget.

A lift kit is usually an aftermarket modification for vehicles usually used to either give the vehicle a higher profile or for suspension. Using a lift in a vehicle gives you the opportunity to install bigger and higher tires.

A lift is needed in the tire if you have decided not to drive stock. Putting a lift on the tire helps it better perform when off-roading, bigger and higher tires equal improved and better performance.

What Size Lift to Fit 35-inch Tire?

As earlier mentioned, the lift size to use for a 35-inch tire will depend on its model, backspacing, and offset values.

Generally, between 3.5 – 6 inches of tire will fit a 35 tire. The least in some cases may be 2.5, but because of the cost of getting a lift kit, some people may go with a 2 inches lift.

The suitability of the lift you will use irrespective of your budget still depends on the model and offset value of your vehicle.


People change their vehicle tires to a 35 tire for various reasons but bear in mind that it is always advisable to use a lift kit when changing to a 35 tire. The need and benefits of using a lift kit with a 35 tire cannot be overemphasized.

Some people may just like the aesthetics and the added height a 35 tire will give their vehicle without using a lift kit and also with no plans of going off-road.

When you think of 35 tires, you think lift kit and think off-roading, these three in my opinion are like three pieces in a pod.