Will a 50 Inch TV Fit in my Car? (Yes or No)

Will a 50 Inch TV Fit in my Car

You just got a TV set and you are wondering how you will transport it from where you bought it from to your house without breaking it?

It is normal to be a little scared or overprotective of the newly bought TV; you don’t want it to break; you don’t want to get damaged while transporting; you don’t want it having any scratches or stains.

So the best way to avoid these things is to move them by yourself. Thank God you have a car. Now you want to fit it into the car, but you are finding it difficult to have it fit in.

Putting your 50inch TV set to fit inside the car isn’t a bad idea. If it fits in, we can caution how we drive so we can ensure we get the good-looking TV home. But the question is, can a 50 inch TV fit in my Car?

Yes, a 50 inch TV can fit in your car if it has a bigger interior. If your car is a compact sedan car, you might find it difficult to fit a 50 inch TV on it. But if it’s a large SUV, wagon, hatchback, or truck, the TV can easily fit provided you placed it the right way.

What is the Height and Width of a 50 inch TV?

The height and width of a 50 inch TV are size-50” Width–43.6” 110.7cm–Height–24.5” 62.2cm.

However, the size of a 50inch TV cannot be denied, knowing it helps you to make quality decisions. Maybe it is the best choice to buy or not.

One thing that makes it fun to watch a TV in the sizes; it feels more real and more fun to stay connected to. Having a small object hung on the wall or placed in one location in the house may likely not force your attention that much but with an enormous TV screen, something of 50inch and above, it makes it much clearer and easy to get comfortable with.

Will a 50 Inch TV Fit in my Car?

Yes, a 50 inch TV can fit in your car if you place it well. Also, a 50 inch TV can fit in your car if your car has a large interior such as big SUVs, Station wagon cars, hatchback cars, etc.

The size of the car with which you want to carry the TV will determine how the TV will be placed. Therefore, knowing the position to place the car is best to avoid stories that touch.

Moreover, the best car to carry a 50 inch TV is a truck and a station wagon; but you have to slide the seats down for it to fit perfectly in a station wagon car.

How Do I Make a 50 Inch TV Fit in my Car?

Having a car that can transport a 50inch TV without issues is pleasing. Even with that, many still find it difficult to fit it into the car correctly.

Many would prefer a minivan to ensure no mistake is made while trying to transport the TV, but with enough concentration and tactics, you can always fit your 50inch TV set into the back seat of your car.

  • Leaving the TV inside the box is a good move
  • With your seat leaned forward, slide the TV across the back seat

What you want to archive is to ensure you can fit the TV to rest directly on the back seat instead of having it wedged between the back and front seat. You will need more than yourself to pull these off, maybe two more individuals, to help you get things right.

Will a 50inch TV Fit in My Corolla?

You can fit in your 50 inch TV set in your corolla, don’t be scared, with the Plasma TV in the trunk with back sit down there will always be a way to place it confidently over the back seat without a problem.

The size of a 55inch box is about 56” x 8” x 36”, even with that, proper placing of the TV can be very possible without having to rent a minivan.

However, if you try to put the TV in your Corolla and it doesn’t fit, please don’t continue, use another car to transport the TV to avoid stories that touch.

Pros of Buying and Using a 50inch TV

This is a content of pleasure and quality, who wouldn’t want a big-sized TV mounted on a wall with their legs crossed and a jar of juice. The pleasure is top-notch.

When selecting a TV, your choices are important, a big TV works well for some and it doesn’t for some others depending on what was the reason for buying is but if you will ever decide on buying a large screen TV like the 50inch and above, consider these factors:

A Good View for the Family

A mini TV can’t serve the required justice, a big TV like the 50inch is a good way to keep the family together when watching a movie.

The love for movies isn’t for everyone, but a big screen is a good trigger even for those who wouldn’t find pleasure in staying with a TV set.

During weekends when the family is together, everyone gets to see the screen without having to discomfort anyone.

2. HD or UHD Wins the Trophy

Nobody wants inferior quality when it involves our favorite actors or stars; we always want to have this clear image that is more cinematic rather than just small plasma with fewer vibes.

People buy Large TVs like the 50inch majorly to experience sharpness and feeling of experience the realness of each character and action.

Cons of Buying a 50inch TV

Even with the juicy factors and the benefits of using a large-sized smart TV like the 50inch TV, there are also factors to be considered and noted. This can differ from too many people. It depends on what you want and how you want it, but if you will decide, you can as well compare the options:

It is Expensive

You read that right; 50 inch TVs are expensive. Though being real, to some it is the cheapest thing that they ever purchased but in terms of a minimum wage, you wouldn’t want to spend all you have got to get a large-sized TV like the 50”.

Buying a new TV is not bad but it is important to note that 50 inch TVs are not just expensive to purchase, they are equally expensive to repair, Imagine if something happens to the screen, it will cost you lots of money to have it fixed.

It is Likely to Require Extra Care

You just got yourself a new baby, yes; a 50 inch TV is likely to ask for more attention to transport it and fix it in a more secured place to avoid damaging it.

It is normal to feel a little concerned about the TV and you place it properly when transporting so as not to damage it. You should feel that way, no need to give you the blame, it is just expensive and you wouldn’t want to waste funds. A smaller TV will make you feel this less.

What Is the Best Way to Transport My 50inch TV?

The best way to transport a 50 inch TV is a mini-van, truck, station wagon, or hatchback car whose back seats can be adjusted.

But if you will have it moved with a car, you need to consider removing all power cords and cables, the screws, and bases, have it boxed or if you don’t like it boxed, to protect it have it wrapped around a blanket, they provide the required support to the TV.

You can choose to lay it flat by having your back seat fastened forward in which the screen can lie across it, but if that doesn’t suit you so well, you can have it upright instead of having it lay down.


Nothing works well as a large TV with your loved ones sited with you as you fantasize about the actions of the movie. This is nice, but big TVs come with bigger stress when it involves transporting them. The above points can help you make a better decision.