Will a 70 Inch TV fit in my SUV? (Answered)

Will a 70 Inch TV fit in my SUV

Transporting large screen TVs has always been an arduous task right from time. The challenge of looking for the right car with the right equipment can be very stressful. Therefore, Will a 70 inch TV fit in my SUV?

A 70 inch TV can fit in your SUV depending on the dimensions of the vehicle and how the seats are arranged. You may need to remove the TV from the box, flatten the third-row seats and move the second-row seats to the front for the 70-inch TV to fit in your SUV.

What is the Dimension of a 70-inch TV?

The dimensions of a 70-inch TV are as follows: the height is usually 34.3 inches (in cm, 87.1 or in mm, 871), and the height is 61 inches (in cm, 154.9 or in mm, 1,549). The 70 inches represents the diagonal measurement of the TV.

The accurate dimensions of a 70 inch TV vary from brand to brand.

Will a 70 Inch TV fit in my SUV?

Before you can be sure a 70 inch TV will fit in your SUV, you have to be sure of the dimensions of your vehicle. You will need to carry out some calculations as well.

Some 7-seater SUVs can easily carry a 70-inch TV. In a Toyota Sienna, you will need to roll the seats at the third row flat and move the seats at the second row as forwards as possible toward the first row. This will create some room allowance to place the 70-inch TV at the back of the SUV horizontally.

Similar SUVs like Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Grand Caravan, Kia Sedona, Ford Transit Connect, and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid can be fitted with a 70-inch TV.

All you have to do is flatten the third-row seats and move the second-row seats to the front as much as possible.

For SUVs like Nissan Quest and Nissan Titan, you will need to remove the seats in the second row completely to allow a 70 inch TV to fit in it.

How Can I Transport a 70-Inch TV Safely?

Transporting a 70-inch TV is not an easy task but with the help of some guidelines, it can be done safely. You do not want to transport your TV and in the course of the journey, the screen of the TV gets damaged.

If you plan to transport a brand new 70-inch TV that is still in a box, you can get a wide SUV or a pick-up truck to transport it. Smaller vehicles will need a lot of adjustment in the SUV to make it work.

If you plan to transport a 70-inch TV safely from your house to another location, you can follow these guidelines.

Normally, in a moving or relocating process, the TV is the last thing people move. No one wants to stress and end up damaging the TV screen. It can be done when other things have been moved.

Before transporting, you need to pack the TV very well. How do you go about this? A 70-inch TV is an extremely delicate and flat-screen TV. Its size makes it difficult to carry and transport. Pack the TV in an appropriate box.

If you still have the original box (along with the protective covering and foam) that came with the TV, it is the best box to transport it. If you do not have it, you can purchase a TV moving box from the garage or the mall.

The box should be bigger than the TV by just a few inches. You do not want the TV moving back and forth within the box. It is vital to make use of a double-wall corrugated box to transport the TV.

When you are done with that, make use of packing tape to seal the bottom of the box firmly.

You can also make use of bubble wraps to cushion the TV. So, in case the box shakes in transit, the TV is safe from damage.

After that, you should cover the TV with a dust cover. Slide the dust cover over the face of the TV to protect it from dust particles. You can also make use of a neat bubble wrap to seal the face of the TV.

Place the TV into the box in an upright position. It is important that the TV is kept vertical during transport. If not, sustained pressure on the glass of the screen can cause severe damage to the TV.

Finally, seal the box with some tapes and place the TV in a wide SUV. There are suitable cars for transporting 70 inch TVs.

What is the Best Car to Transport a 70-inch TV?

A 70 inch TV is a really large TV that needs to be transported with care. Because of the delicateness of the screen, it can be affected by light movement. So, it needs a vehicle with a lot of backspace in it to transport it.

SUVs with more backspace in them like Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Grand Caravan, Kia Sedona, Ford Transit Connect, and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid can transport a 70-inch TV effectively but the seats at the back need to be flattened and rolled forward.

The best car to transport a 70-inch TV is a pick-up truck like the Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra. Pick-up trucks have excess space in them that will conveniently carry a TV of that size.

Can You Lay a Flat Screen TV on its Side in SUV?

Frankly speaking, you can lay a flat-screen TV on its side in an SUV but many TV manufacturers advise against this because the screen can easily be damaged in the vehicle. The TV is actually designed to be upright all of the time.

However, the screen of a TV will carry more weight when it is laid flat in an SUV. Make sure it faces up and not down when it is laid down to minimize the risk of damage.

How Can You Transport a 70-Inch TV Inside an SUV without a Box?

You need some materials and tools to transport a 70-inch TV without the use of a box. A tape for packing, wardrobe box, bubble wrap, blanket, and heavy box cutter. I will explain the use of these materials in transporting the 70-inch TV.

Starting with bubble wrap, it is a transparent plastic used for packing fragile items. The bubbles in it provide cushioning for the 70-inch TV. When you have packed the 70-inch TV, the packing tape will be used to seal it properly.

The wardrobe box is something you can make or purchase. It is used as a moving material for items like a 70 inch TV when it does not come with its own box. Other materials used are self-explanatory.

Now how do you do it, imagine the 70 inch TV as a piece of furniture? Make use of the moving blanket to cover it fully. Get the bubble wrap and wrap the 70-inch TV completely from the top to bottom to protect it while transporting.

You might need about 3 – 4 layers of bubble wrap to do it effectively. Fasten it with a packing belt for enhanced protection.

When you are done with that, roll the third-row seats of the SUV down, and make them as flat as possible. Then, move the second-row seats to the front as much as you can. When enough space is created to put the 70-inch TV in the SUV, place it horizontally in the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a 70-inch TV can fit in your SUV but you will need to adjust the seats properly. The dimensions of a 70-inch TV are really large, so enough space is needed to properly fit it in an SUV. It is advisable to place the TV in a vertical position during transit.