11 Worst Things to Put in a Gas Tank (EXPLAINED)

Worst Things to Put in a Gas Tank

The worst things to put in a gas tank are soda, antifreeze, water, urine, salt, hydrogen peroxide, brake fluid, wrong gas, coke, and sugar. Avoid putting them in your gas tank to avoid killing the engine of your car.

The only thing that has business with a gas tank is gas, as the gas tank was created to contain the gas that fuels and powers the engine of your vehicle.

However, there are times that other things make their way into your gas tank, probably by sheer negligence, ignorance, or perhaps you just want to play the superman, or the scientist, or the engineer, to ‘see what happens.

There are times that several other materials that are not gas just find their way into the tank naturally, such as water, sand, or particles from an unclean gas, and several other things that don’t exactly belong to your car’s gas tank.

Some of these things can even go on to harm your gas tank, your engine, or the overall performance of your vehicle. So, what are those worst things to put in a gas tank?

Worst Things to Put in a Gas Tank

The worst things to put in a gas tank are:

1. Soda

Soda is one of the worst things to put in a gas tank and this is because of the amount of sugar present in Soda. Letting soda into your gas tank is like inviting arm robbers into your house to steal your gold, because the end product of it will not be pleasing at all.

2. Using the Wrong Fuel

Using the wrong fuel or gas for your car is another worst thing to put in your gas tank. It is the quickest way to ruin your engine.

Someone once asked us, what is the quickest way to ruin a diesel engine and we told them to use other gas that is not diesel in your gas tank.

Imagine using fuel in a gas tank that is meant for diesel? What do you think will happen to your engine? Therefore, be sure you are using the correct recommended gas for your gas tank to avoid stories that touch.

3. Bleach

Bleach is one of the worst things that can find its way into your gas tank. The effects of bleach can cause your tank to start leaking fuel, as the chemical composition of bleach causes steel and iron to rust once it settles on the iron for a long time.

Asides from that, anything that gets into the gas tank will definitely find its way to the engine of your car, and also to other mechanical parts that keep the car functioning, this doesn’t exclude bleach.

If bleach can cause your gas tank to rust, it can certainly cause those mechanical parts, and the engine to rust, break, leak oil, and break down completely.

Vindictive people pour bleach into their neighbor’s car to get the engine damaged and render the car useless. Unless you want to destroy your car completely, keep bleach far away from your gas tank.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide will cause more harm than good if it finds its way into your gas tank. The question is, how on earth will hydrogen peroxide get into your gas tank? What if someone puts it into your gas tank without your knowledge?

It is important to note that hydrogen peroxide when mixed with your fuel can make your car run faster but with time, the nitrous oxide it has turned into will cause your engine to heat up with or without coolant, which will end up damaging some parts of your car.

5. Sugar

Sugar is not liquid. However, unlike it does in water, sugar doesn’t melt when it gets into gasoline, and as a result, when it gets into your gas tank, it simply accumulates, finds a way to get together, and causes a huge problem for the fuel filter by blocking it. That’s just one problem.

Another thing sugar – or anything at all that contains sugar – causes is sweetening your fuel, causing it to lose its effectiveness.

When the gasoline in your gas tank becomes sweetened by the sugar, it doesn’t serve the purpose it is meant to serve any longer.

Also, when it gets to the very bottom of your tank, your car engine gets bad and damaged. Like bleach, you should avoid putting sugar or letting sugar get into your gas tank. These are the reasons why sugar is one of the worst things to put in a gas tank.

6. Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is meant to be used for brake alone and not for your gas tank. Brake fluid should not be put in another place except where it is meant to be.

You don’t put brake fluid in your gas tank to avoid causing the engine to misfire. I’ve heard some people who said they accidentally put brake fluid in their gas tank. How can you make such a mistake?

7. Coke

Coca-cola is very dangerous to your gas tank. Not just the coke itself, but any other drink that contains cola. This is because the chemicals mixed in those liquids are harmful to a tightly closed gas tank filled with fuel.

What it will cause is a destructive, acidic mess inside your gas tank and then it will go-ahead to destroy your engine once it makes its way into the engine.

As if the cola and other chemicals inside it aren’t enough, there is also sugar in these drinks such as Coke, Pepsi, and other chemical mixtures.

You should avoid putting coke or any form of drink that has cola inside your gas tank, except your plan is to deliberately destroy it.

It has the same effect as it would if you put sugar, and even much more, as the acid present in it will not only destroy the gas tank, it will dilute your gasoline and then ultimately destroy the engine of your car.

8. Salt

Salt causes decomposition to your gas tank once it settles at the bottom of the tank, and this decomposition leads to your gas tank leaking at the spot where the salt settled in. Never put salt in your gas tank!

Another thing salt does is impede the fuel filter of your gas tank because it will invariably turn into small salt crystals that slide into the fuel pump and cause obstruction.

Once your fuel filter is obstructed the engine of your car won’t get enough fuel to power up when you try to switch on your engine, and eventually, your engine won’t start anymore.

Even if it starts, because of the presence of salt in your fuel and gas tank, which is most likely sipping into your engine, the engine will begin to overheat while you drive, irrespective of whether you have enough water in your radiator.

9. Urine

Urine might not completely damage your engine as much as bleach or coke, but it also has its damning effects, depending on the quantity of urine that has entered your gas tank, hence one of the worst things to put in a gas tank.

The higher the quantity of urine in your gas tank, the more damning it is to your car. If you have just a drop of urine or a tiny portion, you might not even feel the effect at all as it will not cause your tank to leak, or impede your filters.

However, if you have too much urine, such that the urine is almost equal to your fuel, it is terrible for your gas tank and engine.

The bad thing about this is that you won’t even feel the effects immediately, as it will be like a gradual worm that damages the engine of your car.

There is a bright side to this, though, in that it is redeemable. Once you realize there is urine in your tank and it is affecting your engine, drain your gas tank and clean it properly.

Also, clean the fuel filter and pipe, and then your engine too, for any residues that might remain.

10. Water

Water is only meant for your radiator, and your mouth, not your gas tank. If you get water in your gas tank, it might not have terrible effects on the tank itself, but it will damage the engine of your car.

When you have water in your gas tank, your car will not even function properly, and it can even go on to disable your car completely.

The presence of water in your gas tank separates the engine of your car from the engine mount and causes it to frequently get stuck and go off.

Be very careful when you are washing and cleaning your car with water, so water doesn’t trickle continuously into your gas tank.

11. Antifreeze

Antifreeze is another worst thing to put in a gas tank. However, antifreeze is supposed to be used for your car’s radiator and not your gas tank. I don’t know why people think it’s a very good idea to put antifreeze in their gas tank. If you are one of them, please stop doing it from today.

Nonetheless, if any of the aforementioned worst things to put in a gas tank has in one way or the other found its way into your gas tank, it is best to have it fixed immediately.

By fixed, I mean, use up all the gas in your tank, open up the gas tank and clean it up including the fuel filter. If you cannot do the cleaning yourself, you can take it to a technician who can clean it for you.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you do, you have to understand that the only thing that should naturally fit into your gas tank is gasoline and nothing else. Anything else that you let get into your tank is a potential threat to your gas tank, to your engine, and ultimately, to your vehicle.